Ela Lozinski

Associate Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

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In 2010, I facilitated a Community Service Learning collaboration. Through this project, my students gained hands-on experience developing their communication skills and conducting formal interviews.”

Community Service Projects

In 2010, Ela Lozinski facilitated a Community Service Learning collaboration between Honors Communication Skills students and young adults from Higher Ground International, a Providence-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Liberian community.

Her students researched the history of Liberia from its founding to the present time, with main focus on recent civil wars which forced these young men and women to leave their homeland and then try to rebuild their lives in a new land and a new culture. The goal of the collaboration was to create a video documenting the struggles these young men and women faced as they tried to survive not only the horrors of war and escape to safety but also challenges of adapting to a new life in the USA.

Through this project, her students had a hands-on experience of developing their communication skills through informal interactions with their Liberian peers, conducting formal interviews, videotaping and thoughtful editing. They worked on one-on-one communication, collabarated in small groups, and made important editing decisions as a class.

At the end, Higher Ground International received two videos: a full length 90-minute video meant to raise awareness of young Liberians’ struggles and to promote a discussion on possible solutions, and a 15-minute trailer for promotional purposes. On JWU's side, Lozinski's students gained strong communication skills and confidence to apply them outside the classroom.

Sample Courses

  • ENG 1020: English Composition
  • ENG 1021: Advanced Composition and Communications
  • ENG 1030: Communication Skills
  • ILS 2003: The American Dream
  • ILS 2015: Honors Seminar: Postcolonial Literature

Professional Memberships

  • College English Association, 2014–present


  • “Common Core Writing Standards Go to College,” 112th Annual Conference of the New England Teachers of English, 2014. Authors: Elzbieta Lozinski + Mary Barszcz
  • “The Discourse of Common Core and College English Composition: An Examination,” 45th Annual Conference of College English Association,” 2014. Authors: Elzbieta Lozinski + Mary Barszcz