I find that a lot of students here at JWU know what they want to do, and that makes my job easier, because I can say, ‘In your field as a...’ That gives me more clout in the classroom.”


When I was in the seventh grade I attended a graduation party for my neighbor who had just completed her doctorate. I said to my mother that day, “One day I’m going to get one of those and teach in a unversity.”

And here I am.

My intention was to enter a doctoral program immediately after completing my undergraduate degree. However, after I completed my master’s degree I took a break from formal schooling to teach in an adult literacy center. Yet, even during this time I continued to work in the university setting, both as an adjunct instructor and a campus minister. Eventually, I realized that my calling was to the campus in a teaching capacity and I returned to graduate school at 35 to complete my doctorate.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities here at JWU, I also direct the university’s Writing and Speaking Program.

In this capacity, I oversee the student-run JWU Writing Lab, lead the Literacy in the Disciplines Committee, and coordinate both the Faculty & Staff Writing Consultants and the Student Writing Consultants programs.


  • 2011: Oxford Seminars
    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certification


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