Neath Pal

Instructor,  College of Food Innovation & Technology

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Neath Pal
“Since [International Cuisine + Culinary Cultures] goes through so many different cuisines, the first thing we do is recognize the unique ingredients from the region. From there we discuss techniques — this class is all about exposure.”


Chef Neath Pal came to the United States from Cambodia in 1975. He received the certificate of Le Grand Diplôme d’Etudes Culinaires from France’s prestigious LaVarenne cooking school.

After working in several Parisian restaurants, he returned home to Rhode Island, where he honed his skills at Al Forno. From there he helped establish L’Epicureo, which quickly gained national attention, as well as Grappa, another celebrated bistro.

In 1998 Pal opened Neath’s New American Bistro. Bryan Miller, former food critic of the New York Times, praised the restaurant as a “giant leap eastward” for the Providence food scene. Blending French and Asian influences, the eclectic menu highlighted the flavors of Pal’s native Cambodia, such as coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime and Thai basil.

After nearly a decade, Chef Pal closed his successful restaurant to spend time with his children. In 2008, he joined JWU as an instructor and in 2010 was given the Outstanding First Year Teacher Award. He also received the 2013 Dean’s Award for Professional Achievement. An instructor in the College of Culinary Arts, Chef Neath Pal specializes in International and Asian cuisines.

Sample Courses

  • CUL 1035: Culinary Fundamentals
  • CUL 1095: Cooking in the Global Marketplace
  • CUL 2245: International Cuisine and Culinary Cultures
  • CUL 4115: Culinary Capstone