Frederick Pasquariello

Associate Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

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My work history includes both full time and part time employment. I worked part time at St. Joseph's Hospital in the laboratory office for a total of thirty-three years. During that time, I obtained my BA, MA and PhD degrees and I was employed full-time as a teacher, coach and school administrator. As a school administrator, I was instrumental in making a junior high school into a functioning middle school. My school was one of the four original Carnegie middle schools in Rhode Island and, as such, we were able to use grant funds to bring about the middle school concept which benefited our students. In addition, I helped to establish RIMLE (Rhode Island Middle Level Educators) which became the operational support for middle schools in Rhode Island.

As a professor at Johnson & Wales University, I have taught a number of history and philosophy classes. Also, I have served as the chair of the University Faculty Council and under my leadership, a number of the improvements have been made for our students and faculty. For example, the establishment of reading days designed to enable students to prepare for their final examinations, placing student evaluations on-line so faculty can move to a more comprehensive evaluation process and helping to establish a stronger working relationship with the college administration for the faculty.