Michelle Rego (2020)
I believe in the power of communication to advocate for social good — it’s important for our Advertising students to gain experience in how to market causes as well as brands.”

Michelle Rego has been with JWU since 2007. Before her academic career began, she held several industry positions in marketing communications with companies such as Philips, where she worked on lighting and green marketing campaigns.

Rego’s teaching philosophy centers around her passion for project-based learning and community service. She has worked with a wide range of nonprofit organizations on a variety of social issues with her students, developing cause-marketing campaigns.

She believes in the power of communications to advocate for social good and the importance of engaging students with diverse cultural experiences throughout their education to prepare them for a meaningful and successful career. Her published academic research includes structural equation modeling and meta-analysis of cause-related marketing campaigns.

Recent Publications

  • Michelle M. Rego, Mark A. Hamilton & Dana Rogers (2020), Measuring the Impact of Cause-Related Marketing: A Meta-Analysis of Nonprofit and For-profit Alliance Campaigns, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, DOI: 10.1080/10495142.2020.1726253