Students recognize that their classmates will become their professional network, and [that] instructors ... will become their mentors going forward.”


Kristin Russo writes mostly for young readers, but she has had a number of adult short stories published in faculty publications at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI, where she is a full time lecturer in the English Department. Her 4-book series, “Surprising Facts about the US Military,” was released by Capstone Press, an educational publisher, in 2017.

A longtime journalist, Russo has published feature stories on topics ranging from the inside-out structure of the strawberry to child actors, haunted hotels, and the CIA. She lives near Providence with her family.

Sample Courses

  • ENG 1024: Honors Composition: Writing Academy
  • ENG 1027: Honors Advanced Composition: Civic Discourse
  • ENG 1021: Advanced Composition and Communications
  • ENG 1030: Communication Skills