Diane Santurri

Associate Professor,  College of Engineering & Design

Contact Information
I teach an emerging technology course that covers social media and the many ways it can be used. I have many freshmen students, and it’s exciting to see them getting this educational background.”


A graduate of Bryant College and Johnson & Wales University, I spent 16 years in the marketing industry conducting research analysis, which developed my skills in various software. While working in that industry my interest in training and analysis became apparent.

Later, as a corporate and software trainer for both Gateway and CompUSA, I became interested in teaching in higher education.

While pursuing my MEd in teaching and learning, I also became intrigued in emerging technologies, including social media and educational technologies while pursuing my MEd in teaching and learning. This led to becoming a tech expert for the university and making frequent presentations on that topic, both within and outside JWU.

Areas of Expertise

  • Emerging technologies
  • Social media
  • Technology trends
  • Twitter