Todd Seyfarth

Associate Professor,  College of Health & Wellness

Contact Information
Todd Seyfarth, M.S., RD, CSSD
We have students that are connecting with NCAA Division I teams as well as professional teams, both working with food production for the athletes and working with dietitians — especially the ones that want to become future sports RDs.”


Todd Seyfarth is an associate professor in the Culinary Nutrition (B.S.) and Dietetics and Applied Nutrition (B.S.) programs at JWU’s Providence Campus.

According to Seyfarth, the key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the understanding of the big picture formula: Food + Energy = Your Weight. Simply stated, weight is dictated by the energy your body takes in compared to the energy it burns. Seyfarth can simplify the science and physiology of it all, as well as address its complexities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Athletic Performance Cuisine
  • General Nutrition
  • Spa Cuisine
  • Sports Nutrition