Erin Wynn

Associate Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

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Professor Erin Wynn
I believe that all of my teaching experiences that I had prior to JWU, and the teaching that I have been doing for Johnson & Wales University, enable me to conduct dynamic and engaging learning environments for my students."


After graduating from NYU with her undergraduate degree in English education, Erin Wynn moved to Seoul, South Korea, to teach EFL to adults. She stayed in Seoul, working for ELS Kangnam for two years. 

When she left Seoul, Wynn moved back to the U.S. in New York City and began teaching at a middle school in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She taught there for four years, and while teaching in Bushwick, got her master's degree in TESOL. 

From New York, Wynn was hired to work for a royal family in Saudi Arabia, where she stayed for a little less than a year. She returned to New York, finished her master's degree and then left the city. 

Wynn strayed off my teaching path for a few years while she managed a restaurant and hotel on Block Island, Rhode Island. 

In 2006, Wynn made her way to Providence, Rhode Island, and was hired as an adjunct professor in the ESL department. In the later part of the year, she was hired as a full-time faculty at JWU, where she has been teaching since. She couldn't be happier with her teaching and learning experiences at JWU.

Most of Wynn's teaching has been done in the ESL department, where she actively teaches grammar, writing, communications and reading. She leads student-centered classes and believes in communicative language teaching and learning. 

Wynn is currently working on her Ed.D in TESOL from Anaheim University. What she is studying in this program directly correlates to her teaching at Johnson and Wales University. Wynn believes that through the classes in her doctoral program, she will be supporting JWU's global-English speaking students by using the latest theories and teaching innovations in ESL instruction in her classes at JWU. 

In addition to teaching ESL at Johnson & Wales University, Wynn also teaches writing classes for the English department, and began teaching ILS classes in September 2017. 

Wynn believes that all of her teaching experiences that she had prior to JWU, and the teaching that she has been doing for Johnson & Wales University, enable her to conduct dynamic and engaging learning environments for her students.