Community Service and Volunteerism

As a recognized leader in experiential education, JWU encourages all members of the university community to apply their leadership and professional skills to real community settings through community service and volunteerism efforts.

Community service and volunteerism is at the core of each of the university’s essential learning outcomes. JWU students perform well over 100,000 hours of service each year within Providence and its surrounding communities.

Build Professional Skills & Give Back to Communities and Industries

Community Service and volunteer opportunities exist both inside and out of the classroom at JWU to help students develop and master essential skills to be successful in our complex world. Get hands-on experience that relates to your major while you give back to a local non-profit or community-based organization. Learn to lead teams, network, think critically and creatively, and hone your communication skills while building your resume with volunteer experience.

Prospective & Current Students, Staff, & Faculty:

Students, faculty and staff can learn about and sign up for volunteer and community service opportunities that best fit their skills, interests, and passions. Email or call Student Involvement & Leadership at 401-598-1830 for more information.

For on-campus students, visit the Citizens Bank Center for Student Involvement (CBCSI) on the first floor, and speak with student and professional staff about your community interests!

Information for Nonprofits & Community-based Organizations:

If you are interested in sharing volunteer and service opportunities with the Johnson & Wales community, please complete the JWU Volunteer Request Form and contact with questions. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks before the event/program begins to allow for adequate promotion time. Johnson & Wales will share details of your opportunity with our community through a monthly newsletter housed on our online Involvement Network. Interested students are encouraged to contact organizations directly, and we make no guarantees of volunteer availability.