There are a variety of culinary and baking and pastry clubs that promote a well rounded JWU culinary education.

Baking & Pastry Club helps to enrich your baking and pastry education outside of laboratory classes, largely through participation in events throughout the surrounding community. Email
Garnish Your Degree Association provides students with an opportunity to meet and interact with their peers in the Garnish Your Degree program. For more information Email

Ice Chippers give students the opportunity to learn, experience, and practice the art of ice carving, with added emphasis on the importance of safety. Email

International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) promotes career excellence and leadership development though service to the university and surrounding community. Email  

Nutrition Club works to educate others about nutrition and the achievement of a healthier lifestyle. Email 

Skills USA (NSO) promotes skills and leadership throughout the culinary and dining industry. Learn new skills and network with important people in the industry. Email

Wildcat Herb Society aims to educate its members on the proper use of culinary herbs and edible flowers, soil chemistry and seasonal planting techniques. We cultivate and manage our own herb garden. Email  

Wine & Beer Education Society focuses on the important role of beer, wine and spirits in the food service and hospitality industries. Practical competence will be acquired through education and tasting. Experts in the field will be invited to share their knowledge with the club. Email   
For more info, check with Student Activities at your campus.

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