Hands-On Learning

At JWU, you won’t just study what you love. You’ll do what you love. A major component of our educational model includes hands-on learning built right into the curriculum. You’ll gain valuable industry experience both in the classroom and on the job, and build a professional network long before you graduate.

You have the drive. JWU helps you acquire the knowledge, skills and, most importantly, the experience to excel in the criminal justice field.

Hands-on learning starts in the classroom, where your teachers are criminal justice professionals with valuable insight and expertise. They'll work closely with you in small classroom settings, where you'll train on industry-specific tools and software.

Criminal justice majors have the opportunity to train in police departments, law offices, courts, and a variety of government agencies.

As an intern, you’ll jump start your career by gaining on the job experience that sets you apart from the competition. Best of all, you’ll make networking connections with leading employers in the criminal justice field.

You'll work with your faculty advisor and our Experiential Education & Career Services team from your first term to create a career plan, and make it happen.

Community Service
Service isn’t a hobby for JWU students; it’s a chance for you to become a leader. You’ll work on targeted community service projects that develop the skills you need while giving back to your community. 

Study Abroad
Hands-on learning extends across the globe for criminal justice majors. Our Study Abroad program allows you to learn and train with experts all over the world. You’ll gain crucial perspective in your field and make lasting career connections.

Finding Answers by Fingering Prints

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