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Brush, Richard L., MBA; CHE, interim dean
Wilkinson, Erin, department chair, Marketing
Varlaro, John D., department chair, Management
D'Abrosca, Louis A., department chair, Accountancy & Finance
Main phone number: 401-598-4645

Accountancy & Finance
Cannata, Elizabeth Anne
Ciccio, Star
D'Abrosca, Louis A.
Degnan, Donna M.
DerManelian, Guenther
Diaz, Carlos
Doonan, Deborah A.
Higgins, Marie L.
Holt, Jean
Labush, Stevan H.
Martino III, Peter A.
Norris, Barbara A.
Poirier, Kevin W.
Robinson, Patricia A.
Smith, Corey

Criminal Justice
Desmariais, James
Driscoll, Dan
Goodrich, Alison E.
Sylvestre, Paul

Beukema, Beth
Fogg, Dirk
Sharp Carr, Cynthia A.
Taylor, Crystal S.

Bachman, Ronald J.
Coles, Christina
Duchala, Frank
Goudreau, Mark
Gounaris, John
Gounaris, Paul R.
Grady, Kathy
Guertin, Gretchen
Kenney, Bernard
Kruger, Allen
Moutahir, Mehdi
Varlaro, John D.
Zwolenski, Paul

Bortolotti, Peter J.
Carey, Elizabeth
Chilabato, Patrick (Oscar)
Fisher, Patricia
Fruzzetti, Anthony R.
McCrohan, Diane
Morin, Michelle
Plunkett, Phyllis
Regine, Kristen M.
Ure, Christine A.
Wilkinson, Erin

Faculty Emeriti
LaBush, Bernard, BS, CPA, Chairperson Emeritus, department of Accountancy; associate professor of Accounting
Randall, Carol, MS, CBE, CRI, Chairperson Emeritus, Office Education Department; associate professor of Office Education
Trznadel, Paul, BS, MBA, MS, PhD Hon., Professor Emeritus, department of Economics; associate professor of Economics