Boston-based Chef, Entrepreneur Believes in Bold Flavors and Giving Back


Andy Husbands '92 is the chef-owner of two Boston-area restaurants, Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel.

After graduating from college and spending time traveling, Andrew ("Andy") Husbands apprenticed at several San Francisco Bay area restaurants, and an organic farm in New Mexico, learning about food and the business practices of restaurant management.

When he returned to Boston, Andy partnered with a high school friend to accomplish his lifelong dream: opening his own restaurant. The pair took their joint savings and invested in financial advisors, architects and potential investors, turning a barren retail space into the beautiful Tremont 647, which opened its doors in December 1996.

"I feel as though my greatest personal accomplishment was to open my own restaurant at the age of 26,” says Andy.

Andy’s 70-seat restaurant in Boston’s popular South End features boldly-flavored American cuisine with global influences using locally-grown ingredients. The restaurant changes its menu regularly over the course of eight seasons to ensure that only the freshest ingredients dishes are featured among its myriad selections.

Just next door to Tremont, Sister Sorel serves as the restaurant’s more laid back lounge-like space, with seven cozy tables for two and 10 seats at the serpentine onyx bar.

The release of Andy’s first cookbook, The Fearless Chef, was accompanied by a full radio, television and bookstore promotional tour. Andy gives back to the local community through Operation: Frontline Boston, and Share our Strength — two organizations that allow Andy to use his culinary talents for a greater good.

When asked why he chose to enter the highly competitive restaurant industry, he gleamed, “It chose me ... just a natural fit. I would do it all over again if I had to.”