Wall Street Feel, Industry Tools in Our Finance Lab

Students follow the Dow in real time using the The Providence Campus' new data wall.

You’ll learn by doing at the Providence Campus’ new Operations & Finance Center, where more than half of our business classes take place. In this business lab, you’ll use interactive software as you apply theory to real-life situations.

Harnessing the Energy of Wall Street

The lab is designed to inspire both the look and energy of Wall Street.

It features a central data wall with local news real-time stock and securities information, and live electronic ticker tape.

A soundproofed, glass conference room serves as the perfect meeting space for student groups like the Investment Club, as well as the faculty.

Lab Impresses Industry Expert
"I’ve never seen anything like this!” says Dave Brochu, founder of StrategicPoint Investment Advisors. Brochu served on the lab’s original advisory team, and returned as a distinguished visiting professor when the lab was completed.

"I think it’s fantastic," Brochu says. "It gives the students a real world example of what they’re going to be dealing with, day in and day out."

“The opportunity to use that information in their education is extraordinary.”

Learn All Aspects of Business
What makes the lab truly unique, Assistant Professor Timothy Howes added, is that one central, multi-purpose location encourages overlap.

“There is a necessity for having financially articulate operations students, and finance students that understand the business operations,” Howes said. In the lab, you develop the critical thinking skills to face all business challenges.

Most important, the lab allows top employers like Brochu to share their perspective. In a time when big business can still inspire mistrust, he offers real life experience of his own.

“Bring your ethics, bring your morality, make decisions you can live with,” he tells students. “Have a set of values you can stick with.”