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Basil Aboul-Enein, Ed.D., attended the University of Central Arkansas receiving his Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology. He earned his dual Master degrees in Nutrition Education and Public Health from Texas Woman’s University and University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas. Aboul-Enein also holds a Master of Arts in Historical Studies from Norwich University Military College of Vermont. He received his Doctorate in Health Education from A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, Kirksville, Missouri. Prior to commissioning as a Captain in the United States Air Force Biomedical Science Corps where he served as chief of medical intelligence and preventive medicine, Aboul-Enein worked in several institutions and medical facilities including Baylor College of Medicine, United States Navy Medicine, the USDA WIC nutrition program for the city of Houston, Texas, and the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has taught a wide range of public health sciences, nutrition, and humanities courses at Rutgers University, Northeastern University, University of New England, Purdue University, and the University of London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Aboul-Enein has published over 70 manuscripts in several peer-reviewed journals on topics covering public health historiography, history of preventive medicine, preventive nutrition, international health, global health, nutrition education, public health nutrition, health education/health promotion, and cultural competency in health education. In his spare time, he enjoy reading books on Middle East history and historical autobiographies. Aboul-Enein is a fervent believer of "servant leadership", which stems from his experience on Active Duty. He looks forward to serving as both a mentor and as a resource for all eager students.


  • Ed.D., Health Education, A.T Still University of Health Sciences
  • M.A., Historical Studies, Norwich University - Military College of Vermont
  • M.P.H., Health Promotion & Health Education, University of Texas Health Science Center
  • M.S., Nutrition Education, Texas Woman’s University
  • B.S., Human Ecology, University of Central Arkansas

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. Joseph Joubert (1754-1824)

Teaching Interests

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
History & Health
Cultural Competencies in the Health Professions

Scholarly Interests

International Health (North Africa/Near East Focus)
Cultural Competency in the Health Professions
Obesity Prevention and Interventions
Transcultural Health
The Mediterranean Diet
Medical Humanities
History of Public Health
Social Justice in Public Health
Global Health Issues
Public Health Nutrition


  • HSC1230: Introduction to Pubic Health
  • HSC1010: Introduction to Health Professions
  • HSC2230 Introduction to Global Health
  • SCI1050 Nutrition
  • HSC1120 Determinants of Health

Professional Affiliations

Commissioned Officers of the U.S Public Health Service
American Public Health Association
American Association for the History of Medicine
American Historical Association
American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
Air Force Association
International Society for the History of Medicine
The Royal Society for Public Health
American Nutrition Association
Transcultural Nursing Society
International Society of Global Health



  • Bijaoui NJ, Aboul-Enein BH, Deranek J, Blankinship LA, & Kruk J. Mister Rogers (1928-2003) through the holistic “health & wellness” lens: Current and historiographic lessons. Holistic Nursing Practice, online ahead of print. doi: 10.1097/HNP.0000000000000518
  • Abidogun TM, Ramnarine LA, Fouladi N, Owens J, Abusalih HH, Bernstein J, & Aboul-Enein BH. Female genital mutilation and cutting in the Arab League and diaspora: A systematic review of preventive interventions. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 2022; 27(5): 468-78. doi: 10.1111/TMI.13749
  • Benajiba N, Dodge E, Khaled MB, Chavarria EA, Sammartino CJ, & Aboul-Enein BH. Technology-based nutrition interventions using the Mediterranean diet: A systematic review. Nutrition Reviews, 2022; 80(6): 1419-33. doi: 10.1093/nutrit/nuab076
  • Mansour M, Aboul-Enein BH, Salsa GH, & Benajiba N. Nutrition programs of higher education in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: A descriptive snapshot. Journal of Developing Societies, online ahead of print. doi: 10.1177/0169796X221085751
  • Benajiba N, Bernstein J, Aboul-Enein BH, & Khaled MB. Peer-reviewed nutrition-affiliated journals from Sub-Saharan Africa: A regional snapshot. Journal of Health Care for the Poor & Underserved, 2022: 33(2): 649-58. •
  • Aboul-Enein BH, Puddy W, & Bowser JE. The 1925 Diphtheria antitoxin run to Nome - Alaska: A public health illustration of human-animal collaboration. Journal of Medical Humanities, 2019; 40(3): 287-96. doi: 10. 100 7/s10912-016-9428-y

Honors And Awards

  • Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (U.K)
  • Fellow of the American College of Nutrition