Cindy Ferron

Associate Professor

JWU Faculty Since 1996

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About Cindy

After working as a pastry chef in the industry for 15 years at large resorts and hotels, Cindy Ferron was offered an opportunity to teach at JWU.

It was this path that allowed her to pursue another valued interest: the nutrition field. Ferron's passion for nutrition led her to become the first pastry chef at the university to hold a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Nutrition — followed by a master’s degree in Education.

Ferron's love for the pastry field blended with her interest in nutrition for a perfect alignment of both interests.

Along with other courses, her expertise is developing healthy desserts for any specific dietary concern. Focus is on replacing main ingredients in baked goods and pastries (fats, sugars, eggs, dairy and wheat flour), with healthier versions to make allergen-free options, while maintaining the product's quality, texture, flavor and visual appeal.

I encourage students to utilize their sound nutritional principles to develop original creations.


  • CULN2230 Designing Healthy Desserts