Peter Kelly

Associate Professor

JWU Faculty Since 2001

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A scholar, a chef, an entrepreneur, and a 15-time Boston Marathoner, Peter Kelly was among the first group of instructors to teach JWU’s new Science of Cooking and Sensory Analysis class, one of several courses that have been developed as part of the university’s culinary curriculum overhaul. He has been a resource on a variety of topics and trends, including presidential menus and gastro-pubs, and has written for The Boston Globe. When not teaching, Kelly and his wife operate Anchor Toffee.


  • M.L.A., Gastronomy, Boston University
  • B.A., Liberal Studies, Vermont College of Norwich University

There should be room to hear what students have to say, to truly hear their questions and answer them fully without judgment — and find out if they really understand what I am teaching


  • CUL1100 Introduction to Culinary Skills & Techniques
  • CUL1320 Elements of A La Minute Cooking