Dining Hall Encounter Leads to Love, Family and a JWU Legacy

Corbin Family:  (L-R) Kimberly, Shawn, Sloane, Sydney, Samantha, and Terrance in back.

Sydney Corbin is a JWU Legacy student — both her mom and dad attended JWU's Providence Campus where they met, fell in love and had four children. Sydney is following in their footsteps as a Providence Campus student majoring in Media & Communication Studies. With four sisters, we hope to see more Corbins on campus in the future. Sydney shares her family's JWU Legacy story here. 

My mother, Kimberly Corbin, who was from New Jersey, and my dad, Terrance Corbin ’96, originally from Philly, met at Johnson & Wales University’s Providence Campus through their involvement in the fashion club. My mom was the president at the time, and my dad had auditioned to join the club.

Soon after my mom and dad met, they ran into each other in a dining hall, started talking and became good friends. During the spring term of their senior year, my parents got engaged. They went on to marry, have me in December of 1997, and later my three sisters.

My father, who started at JWU’s former Norfolk Campus, earned an associate degree in Culinary Arts. My mom studied hotel and restaurant management and hospitality sales and meeting management. They worked in their respective fields in New York and Philadelphia before moving down to Atlanta. For the last 10 years, my mother has worked in corporate event production for citywide conventions, domestically and internationally. My father worked in a variety of restaurant positions, ranging from executive chef to restaurant operations. For the last several years, he has worked in the area of production for Coca-Cola Enterprises.

"When my mom came with me to tour the university, she was blown away by the new buildings, meal options and dorms."

When I was getting ready for college, I decided to apply to JWU largely because it was famous in my household. My parents let me make my own decisions and never pushed me about which school I should go to because of their opinions or preferences. But when my mom came with me to tour the university, she was blown away by the new buildings, meal options, dorms and more. She loved showing me all her old stomping grounds in Providence. I remember being on the Harborside Campus and she FaceTimed my dad to show him the gym and fields. They both were amazed and exclaimed, "We didn't have all this!" I think they were a little jealous but still excited to see all the transformations. 

The key to my success at JWU has been staying grounded by my family and friends, focusing on my grades, practicing good time management and enjoying myself (within reason). I try to surround myself with positive people such as my family, friends and peers. I hope to blaze my own trail as a “JWU Legacy,” but I will always strive for success similar to my parents — both professionally and personally.