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Returning Students FAQ

When will I be assigned a new financial planning counselor/academic counselor if I transfer to another JWU campus?
Once you have determined that you would like to transfer to another JWU campus and complete the campus transfer request form online, you will receive an official email indicating the transfer of your academic and financial record have been updated; at that point in time, you will be assigned an updated financial planning counselor and academic counselor.

How do I request a copy of my official academic transcript?
The university will issue a credit of up to $25 to the account of each current North Miami and Denver student in need of a transcript copy to cover the cost associated with requesting official transcripts. Johnson & Wales University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide 24/7 online transcript ordering. Once you have requested your transcript requests, you can complete the online Transcript Credit Request form.

Am I responsible for repaying the student loans I borrowed while attending the North Miami or Denver campus?
Yes, students are required to repay their student loans. Traditionally, a student has a grace period between the date of separation from JWU and the date loans go into repayment. The best way to determine the length of your grace period is to review the statements you receive from your loan servicer. Your statements will tell you how many months remain in your grace period and when repayment will begin. The length of a grace period is typically six months.

Students who continue enrollment a JWU or another institution will be reported as in-school status and your loans will be in deferment until you separate from that institution.

What impact will this have on outside scholarships?
If you transfer or stay on a JWU campus, the scholarship will follow you.

If you determine that you will not enroll or discontinue enrollment, JWU will contact the outside scholarship organization to arrange return of the scholarship funds to that organization directly.

I want to continue my enrollment at JWU. What steps do I need to take?
Students wishing to explore their degree completion with JWU will need to submit a campus transfer request form for the respective campus. Students with specific questions or who would like additional personalized assistance regarding a campus transfer are strongly encouraged to contact Cristina J. Torres, Assistant Director of Admissions, at

JWU has entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) agreements with the following institutions to provide transfer opportunities in your local market:

Students interested in participating in an agreement should:

  1. Apply directly on the institution’s website
  2. Submit official JWU transcripts; submit a transcript request
  3. Email the designated contact that your application has been submitted and attach a copy of your most recent JWU financial aid offer (available in jwuLink > Finance >account details> Financial Aid – Offers)

We have been in touch with nearby institutions that are interested in hearing from you. Contact information is provided below so that you can easily connect to discuss your future:


  • Broward College: Stefan Dacosta, college recruiter
  • Lynn University: Wendy Lind, associate director of admissions (undergraduate). Steve Pruitt, director, graduate and online admission
  • Miami Dade College: Gricel Ubeda, college readiness specialist
  • University of Central Florida: Genyth Travis, director of admissions


  • Regis University (Denver, Colo.): Contact TBD
  • University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder): Camilia Taylor
  • University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver): Alex Slaughter
  • Colorado State University (CSU): Bobby Browning

You may also identify and begin the admissions process with an institution of your choice. Students will be provided advising assistance with respect to their academic program options.

Are my credits considered regionally accredited, even if the branch campus is closed?
Yes, all credits earned at JWU are valid even after the branch campus has closed. JWU is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

What will happen to my academic records after closure if I transferred to somewhere else?
Academic records will be maintained by Student Academic & Financial Services at the Providence Campus after the closure.

How will transfer of academic credits work?
If you are planning to transfer, the institution you transfer to will determine how many JWU credits are accepted. All of your JWU credits are regionally accredited.

There is not an online version of my program offered at JWU. What are my options?
For students enrolled in programs that are not currently available online, students may enroll at either the Providence Campus or Charlotte Campus (based on academic program). We will establish teach-out plans to provide a more seamless transfer and help you maximize your credit. Academic Counselors are available to speak with students about completing their program through JWU or another university.

If I complete my degree requirements by spring 2021 graduation, will I receive my degree from my current campus?
If you are completing your requirements prior to May 2021, your degree will be awarded by your current campus. If, after the closure, you have been approved to take your final course requirements elsewhere, your degree will be issued from the Providence Campus.

Is housing an option at Providence/Charlotte?
Each JWU campuses have different housing options available to residential students; visit JWU Living on Campus for information available at each campus.

Is there a deadline to request a transfer to a Providence, Charlotte or College of Online Education program?
Students interested in transferring to another JWU campus are strongly encouraged to contact Cristina J. Torres, Assistant Director of Admissions, at to review the timeline of activities that will need to be completed to achieve the campus transfer process. Students can also visit JWU Campus Transfers for more information.

If I decide to transfer to Providence, Charlotte or College of Online Education, who will my academic counselor or financial planner be?
Once you have determined that you would like to transfer to another JWU campus and complete the campus transfer request form online, you will receive an official email indicating the transfer of your academic and financial record have been updated; at that point and time, you will be assigned an updated financial planning counselor and academic counselor.

What do I need to do if I am looking to transfer my VA benefits to Providence, Charlotte or the College of Online Education?
Request for Change of Program or Place of Training is needed for a VA student transferring either to another JWU campus or another institution. It is the student’s responsibility to complete VA Form 22-1995 or VA Form 22-5495 and submit to your campus school certifying official.

I am a veteran. How is my basic allowance for housing (BAH) impacted if I transfer to a different campus?
The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a U.S. based allowance prescribed by the campus geographic location; each campus BAH is set to a different amount. Monthly Housing Allowance amounts are prorated based on a student’s benefit level and may be further reduced based on the rate of pursuit (RoP). Benefits are only payable when the RoP is more than 50%, and the student is not on active duty.

Providence: $2034.00
North Miami: $2352.00
Denver: $2169.00
Charlotte: $1668.00
Online: $916.50 (half the national average)

How long will I have access to my jwuLink account?
Students who enroll at JWU and either upon graduation or departure from the university, students will continue to have access to their records via jwuLink.

What if I don’t know my password?


How long will I have access to my Wildcat Email account?
If a student’s status is made inactive by Student Academic & Financial Services, the associated email address will be disabled after a period of 90 days. Students will be notified via email periodically to remind them throughout this 90-day period.

Students who successfully graduate from Johnson & Wales University can keep and utilize their JWU Wildcat email address for life.

I am an international student. Can I transfer to a different JWU campus?

It is possible for undergraduate and graduate students to transfer from one Johnson & Wales campus to another. Students must consult International Admissions if they are interested in transferring.

Student must also meet with an international student advisor who will work together with you to ensure your SEVIS/I-20 record is updated. You will receive communication when your updated documentation is ready. You are encouraged to watch your Wildcat email for information about arrival services/orientation programming sessions.

I have additional questions about my status as a student. Whom should I talk to?
Representatives at the Providence campus can assist you with your questions. Visit for a department directory listing. Additionally, you may also complete the “Ask Us a Question” form and we will have the appropriate person reach out to you. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.