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I'm a 15 year veteran of Johnson & Wales University, with nearly 22 years of teaching experience. At the university, I currently teach within the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Online Education and College of Food Innovation and Technology. I have a wealth of cultural exposure living and working in England, France, Spain and the U.S. I've attended colleges in England, France (undergraduate) and the U.S (undergraduate and graduate). In the U.S. I earned my undergraduate degree in hospitality administration, and earned both my master's and doctoral degrees in educational leadership (curriculum design and higher education administration). My doctoral education is from Northeastern University in Boston. My dissertation focused on the retention and the lived (phenomenological) experiences of low-income students in post-secondary education. This was a subject close to my heart, especially as this was a reflection of much of my educational experiences as a young student in Europe.

Outside of teaching I work as a steering committee member (focused on political outreach) for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). HRC is one of the largest civil rights organization in the world with over 3 million members.

As a teacher it is my desire to better equip students with real world experiences and knowledge, especially those focused on social justice and equity.


  • CUL2510 Contemporary Restaurant Operations and Management
  • LEAD1010 Foundations of Leadership Studies
  • ILS2330 The Good Life