Paul Malcolm

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Professor Paul Malcolm

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Paul Malcolm's passion for food and cooking was fueled at an early age by his grandmother. She would ask what he had dreamed about the night before. Then, armed with a cast iron skillet, pancake batter and a Folgers coffee can of rendered bacon fat, she would make his dreams come to life. If he had dreamed of dinosaurs, she would make dinosaur pancakes; if it was clowns, she would make clowns. It was magic that she was doing in that skillet, and that magic inspired Malcolm to become a chef.

Malcolm has worked in the industry for most of his life — from bakeries and 5-diamond hotels to consulting and working as a private chef. He has worked as an executive chef, a baker, a butcher and a natural soap maker.

Malcolm loves competitive cooking as it allows him an opportunity to challenge himself and understand more clearly who he is as a chef and a member of the ever-changing food community.


  • M.S.Ed., Computers in Education, Long Island University
  • B.A., Service & Management, New England Culinary Institute
  • A.O.S., Culinary Arts, New England Culinary Institute

I live and breathe this business. It is a passion that can not be explained. This being a chef is my life.


  • CUL1410 Contemporary Cooking & Leadership Functions
  • CUL2710 Banquets and Catering