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Director of the Physical Therapy Program

JWU Faculty Since 2021

Paul Ullucci

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Paul is the Physical Therapy Program Director and Associate Professor at Johnson & Wales University, having previously served as the Associate Dean for the College of Health & Wellness. Previously he served as an Associate Professor, SARS-COV2 Surveillance Program Administrator and Program Director for Bryant University's School of Health Sciences, Physical Therapy Program. Prior to working at Bryant, Paul acted as the Semester 1 Coordinator and Director of the Human Anatomy Lab at Sacred Heart University. His research interests focus on the evaluation and treatment of concussion, whiplash injuries, chronic headache, TMJ, spine, manual therapy, injury prevention and reducing workers compensation costs for businesses.

Paul has published ten peer-reviewed articles with colleagues and students. He has presented to Physicians, Certified Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and other medical professionals at more than sixty-five national, regional and local conferences. Acting as a sports medicine content expert, Paul has been interviewed and quoted in news media reports including radio, television, and satellite radio, the Providence Journal, Weight Watchers Magazine and USA Today.

Paul currently serves as the Chapter Treasurer and member of the government affairs committee for RI chapter of the APTA. He is a National Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame member, class of 2023. He has served the American Physical Therapy Association’s as a representative to the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International Standards Advisory Council on concussion. He also served on APTA’s Workgroup revising the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. Previously he has served APTA as the Director of the San Joaquin Valley District of the California Physical Therapy Association, the Treasurer of the Connecticut Physical Therapy Association. Paul was appointed by the Governor of Rhode Island to the RI Physical Therapy Licensure Board in 2020. Paul also served as the National Athletic Trainers Association’s (NATA) liaison to the US Bone and Joint Initiative and currently acted as its Treasurer for 7 years. Paul became NATA District 1 Director in 2010 and was appointed NATA Secretary Treasurer in 2012. Paul has previously served as District 1 Treasurer and President of the Easter Athletic Trainers Association (EATA). He has received the EATA’s Cramer Award in 2009 and was inducted into their Hall of Fame the “49’ers Club”. In 2015, he was named a Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer by the NATA having received the NATA’s Athletic Trainer Service Award in 2010. Paul was inducted into the Rhode Island Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame in 2014.

Prior to entering academia full time Paul was the President of Ullucci Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy where he provided physical therapy and sports medicine services. He as has treated numerous professional and Olympic athletes as well as individuals from throughout United States.


  • Ph.D., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
  • DPT, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
  • BS, Physical Therapy, Northeastern University

Mentoring students to become compassionate and highly skilled clinicians through hands-on experiential learning is my passion and purpose.

Teaching Interests

Human Anatomy
manual therapy
cervicogenic concussion and vertigo

Scholarly Interests

Cervicogenic concussion and vertigo
manual therapy
physical therapy modalities
interprofessional education


Professional Affiliations

American Physical Therapy Association
Rhode Island Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association
National Athletic Trainers' Association
Eastern Athletic trainers Association
Rhode Island Athletic Trainers Association



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  • Ullucci, P., Kalach, A., Reis, B., Avena, S., Hinckley, R., Picard, K., Gibson, S. Seated cervical flexion-rotation test equivalent to supine for identifying cervical dysfunction in patients with dizziness/vertigo. Physiotherapy Practice and Research 2021 41: 171-176. Cited 2 times since 12/19/2022.
  • Miyashita, Tl., Ullucci, P., Concussion History’s Impact On Instrumented Bess Scores In Division I Contact-Sport Athletes, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: 2020 52(7S): 313 doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000677016.56026.06
  • Ullucci, P., Tudini, F., Moran, M. Reliability of Smartphone inclinometry to measure upper cervical range of motion. J Sport Rehabil. 2018:1-12. factor 2.203. Cited 21 times as of 12/19/2022.
  • Ullucci, P., Scott, J., Silverman, B. A novel approach to reducing workers compensation costs in a multicenter hospital system. J Occup Environ Med. 2018;60(1):74-76.
  • Ullucci, P., Casa, D., Matthews, T., Rosene, J. Dehydration reduces posterior leg and trunk flexibility and increases stiffness in male collegiate age runners. Euro J Sports Exerc Sci. 2017;5(2):1-10. Cited 3 times as of 12/19/2022.

Honors And Awards

  • Hall of Fame – National Athletic Trainers’ Association, June 2023.
  • People Focused. Solutions Driven – Bryant University, Human Resources Department September 2020.
  • Hall of Fame “The 49’ Club” – Eastern Athletic Trainers Association. January 2018.
  • Presenter: Pinky Newell Address – Eastern Athletic Trainers Association. January 2016
  • Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer - National Athletic Trainers Association. June 2015
  • RIATA Hall of Fame – RI Athletic Trainers Association. January 2014

Q&A with Paul

At JWU, education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. You’re not going to spend four years with your nose buried in a book, learning theories you may never get a chance to apply — you’re going to get out there and apply them, be it through internships, group projects, leadership opportunities, competitions and more.

What Is Your Favorite Teaching Moment?

When I see my students succeed in class and in life.

What College Do You Teach In?

College of Health & Wellness