Success Stories

Johnson & Wales is a place where hard work turns into results. Perhaps it’s because no matter what our students want to achieve, JWU has their back. It starts in the classroom, carries over into internships and is really put into action in their endeavors after graduation. Again and again, we are in awe of the heights our students and alumni reach.

96.3% JWU Providence Career Outcome Rate*

69% of students received a job offer after a paid internship

1,186 internships completed

*For an explanation of the career outcomes rate and other information, visit JWU Student Consumer Information.

JWU Student Story: Alexis Gamache '18

Touring JWU was love at first sight for this Human Resource Management grad. Here, she shares how JWU helped her get career experience while a student, accelerate her academic goals and have an all-around unforgettable time at college.


Success Stories Videos

Caitlin Sweet '19 thumbnail

Caitlin Sweet '19

Biology student Caitlin Sweet '19 shares her experiences in the Biology program and what it is like being on the JWU Women’s Ice Hockey team.
Morgan Thompson '17 thumbnail

Morgan Thompson '17

Advertising & Marketing Communications student Morgan Thompson '17 shares how her time at JWU helped her build her portfolio, take on leadership roles and ultimately find a best fit at an internship.
Thomas Gervasi '11 thumbnail

Thomas Gervasi '11

Thomas Gervasi '11 shares how JWU set him up for success in his career with Blount Fine Foods.