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The John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences offers programs that help students develop and excel in critical and creative thinking skills, which are essential for generating innovative ideas. At JWU Providence, you can master these valuable skills and apply them to your chosen field. 

Real Experience, Real Impact

Design Your Own Major students are creating new degrees for the jobs of tomorrow. Criminal Justice students are using the latest technology to learn how to analyze crime scenes in the Mock Crime Scene Room. Media & Communication students are making independent films. Psychology students are helping patients in clinical internships. Animal Science students are working with local farms to care for livestock. JWU students are constantly pushing boundaries and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Arts & Sciences Programs

Undergraduate Majors

Get started with one of 10 programs spanning Biology, Media & Communication, Psychology, Equine Studies, Political Science, Data Analytics and more. 

Graduate Programs

Take it to the next level by pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in Teaching, Counseling or Educational Leadership.


Deepen your knowledge in a related field. Choose from Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Gender Studies and more. 

Turn Concepts Into Action

There are so many opportunities to hone your skills, build your résumé and put your lessons into practice. Enroll in Directed Experiential Education (DEE), a distinctive semester-long course where students from various majors work together on a practical project. Get a taste of the professional world through immersive simulations and exciting competitions. Enhance your skills and discover your true potential as you navigate through realistic scenarios. Additionally, before graduating, every student must complete an internship or a related applied learning opportunity that aligns with their chosen area of study.

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Launch Experience


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Biology Students Learn Through Research 

Biology students Kimberly Sacaza 23, Alex Pedroza 23 and Christine Wong 23 conducted laboratory research under professor Christos Dimos’ guidance. During this project, students investigated plant-pathogen interactions in order to develop disease-resistant crops that are less dependent on environment-harming chemicals. Sacaza notes,“People think of biology as a pre-med path, but there’s so much you can do with your degree beyond practicing medicine. There’s research, there’s genetic counseling and so much more.”

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Professors with Industry Experience

Before coming to JWU Providence, our professors worked as researchers, authors, police detectives, lawyers, filmmakers and more. They know how to equip you with the skills you need to succeed in today’s (and tomorrow’s) careers. With decades of industry knowledge, our professors are committed to helping you develop the skills employers demand.

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Learn about the latest competitions, internships and study abroad experiences from the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences students and discover what’s happening with our alumni and faculty.

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