Equity & Compliance Services

Fostering A Culture of Integrity and Responsibility
Equity & Compliance Services is dedicated to fostering ethical practices (347K PDF). By promoting a culture of equity and compliance, the department strives to advance JWU’s commitment to creating an environment that values integrity as evidenced by shared respect and responsibility.

Areas of Focus
Equity & Compliance Services’ areas of focus include:

  • Supporting JWU’s commitment to equity and compliance by embracing diversity and inclusion, and championing ethical decision-making and accountability
  • Facilitating compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing higher education, industry standards and internal policies and procedures
  • Collaborating with JWU departments in their effort to model ethical behavior, with the systematic maintenance and monitoring of related compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Promoting an environment for all community members that is free from illegal discrimination, harassment, sexual violence and relationship violence

Services & Resources
Our services and resources support the JWU mission and guiding principles and are available to all members of the JWU community. They include:

  • Working with departments to identify, resolve and mitigate equity and compliance issues, and empowering responsible individuals and units to systematically translate compliance obligations into action
  • Identifying measures that allow JWU to achieve and manage institutional risk to an acceptable level
  • Serving as another resource for individuals to report concerns of violation of law or university policy. This includes, but is not limited to, illegal harassment or discrimination, sexual violence and relationship violence.
  • Assisting community members seeking information about JWU’s Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy and/or Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence Policy
  • Providing and/or coordinating nondiscrimination, sexual violence and relationship violence, equity and certain compliance-related trainings

University community members are expected to explore the information below to better understand JWU’s expectations and policies, as well as available resources related to equity and compliance services:

  • Employee Code of Conduct (347K PDF)
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Policies: Employees are expected to be familiar with the policies posted in the J: drive Students are expected to be familiar with the current Student Catalog and Student Handbook
  • Reporting Options
  • Online Tools: JWU employees may access Compliance Matrices and Calendars organized by functional area and job title, and use these resources to reference and identify the laws they and their department are responsible for.
  • Trainings: JWU faculty and staff are expected to complete certain trainings (Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment, Emergency Management Preparedness, Written Information Security Policy, JWU101 and department-specific required trainings). Employees may access upcoming training dates and information by logging into HRpulse

Contact Us
Equity & Compliance Services develops initiatives and approaches related to its areas of focus that promote and provide support to the JWU community. Contact us if you have questions or need guidance for a specific situation.

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