Compliance, Internal Audit, Policy and Risk Management

A Culture of Integrity and Responsibility
Johnson & Wales University has established Compliance, Internal Audit & Risk Management to assure that the university operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing higher education, industry standards and internal policies and procedures.

The department’s guiding principles are to act in a supportive, educational and monitoring role and to work with the university community to foster ethical practices (347K PDF) while assuring that compliance is an integral part of the university’s everyday work and culture.

The department also works proactively to understand, manage and minimize risk to an acceptable level. Compliance, internal audit and policy collaborate to create a full-cycle of risk mitigation and assurance. The department functions independently and is not involved in university operations.

Guides and coordinates with departments in the identification and monitoring of emerging and ongoing compliance requirements. Provides and/or coordinates compliance training.

Internal Audit
Acts as an independent and objective advisor to improve the effectiveness of risk management and internal controls and processes. Works to assure compliance, add value and improve operations.

Facilitates and coordinates the development and maintenance of mission-critical and compliance-related policies (80K PDF) and the procedures that support them.

Contact Us
401-598-2171 (fax)
Sandra Lawrence, CCEP, 401-598-1423, compliance associate
Danielle Santamaria, CPA, MBA, 401-598-4967, internal audit manager
Jayne M. Del Sesto, MBA, 401-598-2183, policy coordinator

Compliance Confidential Report
Compliance Policies & Resources
Understanding a Confidential Report

Johnson & Wales University is committed to fostering an environment of ethical practices through a culture of integrity and responsibility. read more