strengthening the student experience

strengthening the student experience

The Experience:Academic and Student Life

Community and Leadership in Theory and Practice
Cultivating a campus culture that enhances the personal development and civility of all students is a key goal of FOCUS 2011. JWU campuses are engaging in various programs that zero in on personal development, character building and leadership. These programs straddle academics and student life and help to develop the student holistically.

In the 2007–2008 academic year alone, students participated in an eight-week program that focused on personal development and service at the Providence Campus. In North Miami, Living and Learning Communities were launched in residence halls. Students join leadership, cultural or culinary arts enclaves, which strengthen relationships with faculty, students and staff beyond the classroom. At the Denver Campus, Residential Life created hall governments for each residence so students can take an active role in advocating and investing in changes that positively affect quality of life issues for campus residents. In Charlotte, student leadership is fostered through the Emerging Leader and Advanced Leader series, and the growth of the Student Government Association.

Img Focus Experience Student Life PVD 93x93“The program helped me realize I can be and do more as a leader here on campus. It was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to applying the skills I have learned in my future endeavors.” — Kristin Moore, Fashion Merchandising, Providence

Img Focus Experience Student Life NMI 93x93“The leadership academy further developed my critical thinking skills, the importance of thinking outside the box, and the importance of training and developing a team. I’m more confident that I’ll be a successful leader for a company.”— Jordan Boblett, Marketing, NorthMiami

Img Focus Experience Student Life DEN 93x93“As a student in a leadership position, I’ve learned to guide fellow students in both academics and life experiences. I’ve gained essential skills for my personal and professional career including interpersonal communication, conflict mediation, time management and public speaking.”— Angela Pinnere, Culinary Nutrition, Denver

Img Focus Experience Student Life CLT 93x93“To lead we first must be able to follow. I’ve been able to do both at JWU and I feel confident that the leadership skills I’ve learned will benefit me in the future.” — Holl ie Shaw, Sports, Entertainment and Event Manag ement, Charlotte