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Teamwork, consistency and sustainability top distinguished visitors’ tips lists
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Stellar Visitors Educate Future Chefs
A star-studded lineup visited campus recently, starting with heavy hitter, Chef Thomas Keller ’03 Hon., restaurateur and author. Students were in awe of the culinary rock star, who spoke as Distinguished Visiting Guest Lecturer. Executive chef and owner of The French Laundry, Keller demonstrated sous vide, a professional cooking technique using immersion circulators and vacuum machines, and discussed his new book, “Under Pressure.” Keller’s advice to students: “It’s about a team. It’s not one person who makes a success. You need a tripod of support… Try to be a little better than the day before.”

Img Campus News CLT Amy Scherber 170x150Next up was Distinguished Visiting Chef (DVC) Amy Scherber, who launched Amy’s Bread in New York City, with only five employees. She now oversees a staff of 150, two production kitchens and three retail cafés. While cutting dough, Scherber told students, “Quality, day to day … consistency is everything. With so many different employees, something can change.”Img Campus News CLT Farmer Lee Jones 170x150

Addressing students most recently was the man with the bow tie — and not Charlotte President Arthur Gallagher — Farmer Lee Jones. The co-owner of The Chef’s Garden in Ohio, he teamed up with Aaron Deal ’06 to discuss sustainability and using local ingredients. Jones has been featured in Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and on “The Martha Stewart Show.” In 2003, Jones opened The Culinary Vegetable Institute, a culinary retreat and learning facility.

President Arthur Gallagher

“Our students are ready for the workforce because of our uncommon approach of integrating professional skills, leadership training and career focused education.”