Career Goals Worth Cross-Country Commute
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Anders Jönsson ’03 lives in one country and works in another. He considers the lengthy commute a minor inconvenience for a job in his target field. The Swedish native decided he wanted a career in international marketing during his JWU internship at a communications agency that helped customers to adapt marketing and advertising programs for foreign countries. “I didn’t expect such an exciting task on an internship. My main project was to research business contacts to launch products outside the U.S.,” he says. “It was a good start in the industry, and I knew I wanted to pursue a similar career.”

Facing a tough Swedish job market following graduation, Jönsson freelanced at a variety of communications agencies, always looking for the international marketing job he envisioned. He took an account manager position on the sales side at Cisco Systems, thinking he might eventually transfer into the marketing department. Despite the excellent pay, Jönsson continued networking both inside the company and out.

Last fall, through a call from a headhunter, he accepted a marketing position with IBM in Copenhagen, Denmark — an hour’s drive across the bridge from his hometown of Malmö, Sweden.

“The commute doesn’t matter, and neither does the temporary reduction in pay. It took a few years to get what I was looking for, and this move has greater long-term career potential,” he says. “My number one career tip, especially in a tough economy, is to keep networking and looking while evolving towards the position you want. Get involved, keep working toward your goal, take on assignments in other departments, get to know people and build your resources.”
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