evolving:programs and opportunities

evolving:programs and opportunities

You Say You Want an Evolution...
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by Marisa Marsey

Dial back the decade to the 1960s. Phil and Sally Blitzer, husband and wife admissions trailblazers, enter Manhattan’s Summit Hotel expecting to address a curious few about Johnson & Wales, a small junior business college in Providence. They find a packed house. “What should we do?” asks Phil. Sally shrugs, “Make more coffee.”

And to think, hospitality and culinary arts weren’t yet a twinkle in Johnson & Wales’ eye.

Today JWU is an accredited university of 16,634 students with topnotch facilities at campuses in North Miami, Denver and Charlotte, as well as Providence, awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees in 40 majors. Yet the university’s strengths promoted by the Blitzers that day remain: small classes, well-rounded, industry-relevant curriculum and hands-on experiences resulting in rewarding careers.

Johnson & Wales has succeeded, not by changing with the decades, but by continually keeping pace with or ahead of industry. Here’s a look at how the College of Business , The Hospitality College  and the College of Culinary Arts , the three at all JWU campuses today, have evolved in the last half-century.

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Our strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, has reached beyond its midpoint and you’ll read how much we’ve achieved to date and how much more we have yet to do. It’s always both rewarding and challenging at JWU. After all, nothing stands still for long here. We have been, and continue to be, an institution on the move — giving driven students a competitive edge in a global economy.