President's Desk

President's Desk

Dear Friends,
President Bowen 232x162

We all plan in our personal and professional lives. Plans are thoughtful estimations or calculated understandings. It is necessary we remain flexible. A hallmark of Johnson & Wales University is our history of planning. But it’s our ability to adapt and rise to challenges beyond the plan and embrace them as opportunities that has allowed us to flourish as a leader in career-focused education.

Adding degree programs in hospitality in 1972 and in culinary arts in 1973, establishing the Charlotte Campus in 2004, increasing institutional aid in 2009 to $112 million to make education afforable — these are examples of JWU’s ability to adjust and capitalize, yet stay focused on our students’ needs.

Even as issues are addressed, we’re staying true to the strategic goals of FOCUS 2011. Academic reviews are increasing rigor and relevance. Online learning is enhancing student experience and faculty development while expanding our reach. JWU is focused on reducing attrition. We’re adopting strategies to improve retention and we’ve exceeded our own goals, but we cannot become complacent.

We have reconfigured our career services to continue to provide students with quality experiences while enhancing employer relations. We’re connecting hands-on learning and career progression and increasing prospects for employment that meet student and employer needs. JWU has been affected by the economic decline, but we remain strong. We’re developing our employees and acting prudently in our financial affairs. Our 2009 fall enrollment stands at 16,634 — testament to strong admissions efforts. The academic profiles of new students continue to rise, as does our commitment to affordability.

Based on its 2008 evaluation, the university continues to be accredited by the nation’s oldest regional accrediting association, the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). The commission strongly affirmed our strategic direction and goals. The next comprehensive evaluation will be in 2018.

We’ve achieved much and look to the rest of the academic year with optimism. This has been a demanding year. As we approach the holidays and reflect on what we’re thankful for, I hope you’re thankful for being part of our vibrant JWU community, as I am. I wish you a healthy and peaceful holiday season.

University President John J. Bowen ’77