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Marketing Students Cook up a Campaign


As part of the Strategic Marketing capstone course in the College of Business, students were asked to create a complete business plan to launch Bene Pasta, a fictional manufacturer from Italy, in the United States market. Work kicked off in the culinary kitchens where students made pasta as hands-on research. "The best way to know a product is to experience it by making it and learning how it performs," said Joanne Leoni, EdD, class professor and College of Business chair.

Inspired by the company's mascot, named after Leoni's dog, Linguini, the Linguini Project aimed to develop all components of a marketing and business plan for a company emerging in a new market. Details included ideal locations for the company, estimated start-up costs, necessary equipment and advertising campaigns. Final presentations were in front of a group of professionals from the business and communications fields including Ronald Brauner from Assurant Solutions, Rebecca Kollaras of Kollaras Communications Inc., Jamie Chailland from Markland Consultants Inc. and Leslie Lowenthal of the Lowenthal Foundation.


Former Student Qualifies for PGA Tour
Jim Renner '06 realized one of the greatest accomplishments for an aspiring professional golfer when he was among 29 players awarded a 2011 PGA tour card.

A sports, entertainment, event management student with a golf concentration, Renner won the 2005 NAIA Championship and was an All-American player while at JWU. Under the guidance of late Coach Dave Adamonis, Renner reached his potential after transferring to the North Miami Campus.

"Jim found the right fit at JWU," said Larry LaFauci '04, golf program coordinator and Jim's fellow classmate. "Our program complemented his dedication and natural talent. I'm thrilled to see him accomplish such great success."

President Loreen Chant ’89

"Our goal is to ensure our campus environment promotes student engagement, and that we provide vibrant spaces for our students to live and learn. Students have the best ideas for ways to improve their experience. All we have to do is listen."