Defining Success Across the Globe

Defining Success Across the Globe

Across the Globe

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Globe Hussain 93x93Fasih Hussain ’92 MS
COO, Summa Technology Group (SummaTG), Dallas and Fort Worth

As COO of SummaTG, Fasih is responsible for driving innovation and growth at every level of the organization. SummaTG provides managed energy solution services to some of the largest companies in the world, with a focus on commodity trading and risk management. Before joining SummaTG, he held management positions at Allegro Development in Dallas, another company specializing in energy trading and risk management.

Most important 21st-century workplace skill Understanding the dynamics of a globalized workforce and instilling a culture of financial, operational and geopolitical risk awareness.

Defining moment in your career Leading a company to financial success with three contiguous years of 100 percent growth.

Favorite JWU memory The international diversity of the student body and what I was able to learn by meeting students from different countries.

JWU’s role in your career My international business degree gave me the foundation to succeed in the globalized economy I encountered in the real world.

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome It was challenging being a first generation American, but I found the American dream.

Greatest challenge to your industry The industry is going through tremendous growth, driven by the need to comply with regulatory practices and risk mitigation in supply chain. This is due to both geopolitical issues and the tremendous strain on natural resources from an agricultural perspective, energy resource volatility and growth in previously underdeveloped countries.

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Globe Mititelu 93x93Luminita Mititelu ’95 MBA
Vice President and Senior Commercial Products Underwriter, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Florida

As vice president and senior commercial products underwriter for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in West Palm Beach, Luminita is underwriting loan requests of a minimum $5 million for commercial and industrial enterprises and the health care, food service, golf and real estate business arenas. In her work, she evaluates a businesses’ financial condition and capacity to raise and repay financing, and establishes loan structure and credit conditions and mitigates risks.

Favorite JWU memory The years I worked in the Business Learning Center in Providence, first as a tutor, then as a graduate assistant. I was impressed with the diversity of the student body, what each individual brought to the table and their desire to constantly better themselves.

Most important 21st-century workplace skill I believe that if we are to be successful in this century, we must embrace change and be able to adapt to it on short notice.

Advice for new grads Don’t let a tough economic environment discourage you from seeking career opportunities. Stay focused and learn from every experience; it will help you build your foundation and progress into your desired career.

Favorite quote “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Globe Vardharajan 93x93Kaushik Vardharajan ’99, ’00 MBA
Managing Director
HVS Hospitality Services, New Delhi, India

Kaushik joined HVS Hospitality Services as an analyst in its New York office in 2001 and is now managing director of its New Delhi office. He heads a team of 15 consultants with assignments in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan focused on large mixed-use projects and portfolio valuations. Kaushik is on the Valuation Working Committee of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors responsible for establishing standards for property valuations in India.

Most important 21st-century workplace skill The ability to stay focused and be flexible at the same time; great leadership skills where you lead with the heart and not just with your brain; and the ability to think big and small at the same time.

Greatest influence at JWU Veera Sarawgi [Gaul] visited my college in India to conduct an information session on the university. She motivated me to apply and was there as my mentor and guide when I arrived in Providence. She helped me develop the work ethics that have stood me well.

Defining moment in your career My decision to move back to India in 2008 after 10 years in the U.S. was a major life decision and will probably turn out to be one of the defining moments in my career.