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Can't Get Enough of Social Media
JWU Alumni Jeff Ledoux

“It’s a kind of organic, living thing, social media, and you always have to be changing and willing to move really quick. If not, you’re going to get left behind.” That’s how Jeff Ledoux ’06 describes the field in which he works, eats, sleeps and breathes. As director of social media for Neal Advertising in Danvers, Mass., Ledoux gets clients up and running with social media. For some, he fully manages their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and online brand.

Google Alerts help Ledoux stay on top of online mentions about his clients and their industries. If any specified keywords pop up in Google, he gets an email with a link to the site and page where the reference was made. If it’s something negative, he brainstorms with the client on how to respond. “It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I don’t care if there’s something going on Christmas day. If you’re a client and something happens, I’m going to call you,” says Ledoux.

To keep up with the always-changing world of online interaction, Ledoux reads tech news from sites like TechCrunch, HackerNews and of course, Twitter. “I use it daily; hours on end. I would be scared to see statistics about how much time I’ve spent over the past four to five years on Twitter. That would be shocking,” he says.

Monitoring and managing social media for as many as 10 clients at once is time consuming. But Ledoux loves it. “I learned it [social media] from the ground up,” he says. He started his own Web forum in 2000 and joined Twitter and Facebook the day they launched. “I caught the bug then and I’ve really never looked back.”
Twitter: @ffejmi

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