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Start your career your first day at JWU’s College of Business — and accelerate from there. We help you define your field of interest, pursue the most relevant course of study and then find the work experience opportunities that match your career goals.


Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree
Accounting  (Providence)
Advertising & Marketing Communications  (Providence)
Business Studies  (Providence | Charlotte)
Cannabis Entrepreneurship  (Providence)
Corporate Accounting and Financial Analysis  (Charlotte)
Digital Marketing & Social Media  (Providence)
Fashion Merchandising & Retailing  (Providence | Charlotte)
Finance  (Providence)
Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship  (Providence | Charlotte)
Marketing  (Providence | Charlotte)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Degree
Business Administration  (Providence | Charlotte)
Entrepreneurship  (Providence | Charlotte)
Human Resource Management  (Providence)
International Business  (Providence)
Operations and Supply Chain Management  (Providence)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA  (Providence)
MBA — Accounting Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Event Leadership Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Executive Communication Concentration  (Online)
MBA — Finance Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Global Fashion Merchandising and Management Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Human Resource Management Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Information Security/Assurance Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Information Technology Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Marketing (Providence | Online)
MBA — Nonprofit Management Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Operations and Supply Chain Management  (Providence)
MBA — Organizational Leadership Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Organizational Psychology Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Project Management Concentration  (Providence)
MBA — Sport Leadership Concentration  (Providence)
MBA One-Year Program  (Providence)

Master of Science (MS)
Finance  (Online)
Human Resource Management  (Providence)

Human Resource Management

Programs for Undecided Students*
Undeclared: Business Explorations  (Providence)

Pre-Master’s Program — For Business Degree Holders  (Providence)
Pre-Master’s Program — For Non-Business Degree Holders  (Providence)

*Tracks into bachelor’s degree program

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