Majors & Degrees

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Accounting (BS)

Addiction Counseling (MS)

Applied Food Science, Innovation & Technology (BS)

Advertising & Marketing Communications (BS)

Baking & Pastry Arts (AS)

Baking & Pastry Arts (BS)

Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management (BS)

Biology (BS)

Business Administration (BSBA)

Business Administration (DBA)

Business Studies (BS)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS)

Computerized Drafting (AS)

Computer Science (BS)

Corporate Accounting and Financial Analysis (BS)

Criminal Justice (BS)

Criminal Justice (MS)

Culinary Arts and Food Service Management (BS)

Culinary Arts (AS)

Culinary Arts (BS)

Culinary Nutrition (BS)

Culinary Nutrition 2+2 (BS)

Culinary Science & Product Development (BS)

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Defense (BS)

Data Analytics (MS)

Dietetics and Applied Nutrition (BS)

Digital Marketing & Social Media (BS)

Economics (BA)

Educational Leadership (EdD)

Electronics Engineering (BS)

Entrepreneurship (BSBA)

Equine Business Management/Non-Riding (BS)

Equine Business Management/Riding (BS)

Equine Science (BS)

Fashion Merchandising & Retailing (BS)

Finance (BS)

Finance (MS)

Food Industry Compliance Management (BS)

Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship (BS)

Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (MS)

Graphic Design (BS)

Health Science (BS)

Hospitality Management (BS)

Hospitality Management (MS)

Hotel & Lodging Management (BS)

Human Resource Management (BSBA)

Human Resource Management (MS)

Information Security/Assurance (MS)

Integrated Product Design

International Business (BSBA)

Liberal Studies (BS)

Management (BSBA)

Marketing (BS)


MBA — Accounting

MBA — Finance

MBA — Global Fashion Merchandising & Management

MBA — Hospitality

MBA — Human Resource Management

MBA — Information Security/Assurance

MBA — Information Technology

MBA — Nonprofit Management

MBA One-Year Program

MBA — Operations and Supply Chain Management

MBA — Organizational Leadership

MBA — Organizational Psychology

MBA — Sport Leadership

Media & Communication Studies (BA)

MPA — General

MPA — Criminal Justice

MPA — Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Management (MS)

Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Operations and Supply Chain Management (BSBA)

Organizational Risk & Cyber Security Management (BSBA)

Organizational Psychology (MS)

Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS)

Political Science (BS)

Psychology (BS)

Public Health (BS)

Residential Hospitality Management (BS)

Restaurant, Food & Beverage Management (BS)

Robotics Engineering (BS)

Sociology (BA)

Sport Leadership (MS)

Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management (BS)

Teacher Education — Business/Secondary Special Education or Elementary/Elementary Special Education (MAT)

Teacher Education — Culinary Arts Education Concentration (MAT)

Teaching and Learning (MEd)

Tourism & Hospitality Management (BS)


Non-Degree Programs

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English Language Institute (learn more in our JWU Handbook)

Management (Certificate program)

Pre-Master’s for Business/Commerce Majors

Pre-Master’s for Non-Business Majors

Professional Craft Brewing (Certificate program)

Other Programs

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3 + 3 Law Program (Earn your BS and JD in 6 years)

Accelerated Master’s Program (formerly 4 + 1 Program)

Accelerated Culinary Programs

Early Enrollment

Chef’s Choice

Wine & Beverage Education