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Congratulations on your acceptance! This is an exciting time. It’s a good idea to visit the JWU Admissions Portal to view your next steps for becoming a Wildcat and submit your deposit to reserve your spot.

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Want to get an inside look at JWU right now? Explore JWU from Home and see campus, faculty and some of your future classmates. Want to see more of campus? Take a look at some of our virtual experiences, where you’ll find a range of options to meet your schedule and interests.

Have questions about joining JWU?

Financial Aid: If you have questions about financing your education or about filing your FAFSA, you can reach out to your personal financial planning representative who can help you navigate your financial package, payment options and apply to scholarships.

Housing: Life on campus is exciting — explore where you’ll be living! Not staying on campus? Learn more about how our commuters are an integral part of our community.

Student Life: Whether your enroll in Providence or Charlotte, there’s always plenty to do. We have more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations and fun events throughout the year,

Orientation:Offered during the summer, Orientation lets students experience life on campus and get ready to start classes.

Meet Other Wildcats: When you join JWU, you’ll be part of something bigger — you’ll be part of a community. Join our exclusive Facebook group for accepted first-year students to start making friendships that will last a lifetime: Providence or Charlotte.

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