Tuition & Fees: Providence

Tuition & fees for 2021-22 unless otherwise noted.

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  • Per academic year: $35,750


  • New Student Fee: $374 (first year only; not charged to new PVD international students)
  • Student Activity Fee (Undergraduate only): $200 per year for PVD; $150 per year for CLT (fee provides funds for our student clubs, organizations and departments that serve JWU students to provide a rich and varied co-curricular experience)
  • New International Student Services Fee: $1,248 per academic year or $624 per semester (PVD undergrad/ESL only; not charged to exchange students)*
  • Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Annual Fee: TBD

English as a Second Language:

  • Per term (Providence): $5,000

*Providence Campus international students will be assessed an International Student Fee of $1,248 per academic year or $624 per semester. The fee will cover necessary services that are used exclusively or more intensely to support international students. These resources include but are not limited to temporary housing services, tutoring and other academic support services, visa and federal government reporting requirements, enhanced arrival services activities and sponsored programs offered to international students across campus.

Room and Meal Plans

Room and meal plans vary by campus. The numbers below represent the range of available room options:

  • Per academic year: $8,424-$13,332

Not all resident halls offer a meal plan — check your campus catalog or with Residential Life on your campus for more details. See below for 2021-22:

Meal Plans
  • 18 meals a week / $300 annual flex dollars: $5,050
  • 14 meals a week / $600 annual flex dollars: $4,880
  • 10 meals a week / $600 annual flex dollars (returning): $3,700
  • 115 meals a semester / $150 semester flex dollars *apt style: $2,534
  • 50-meal block: $477.50
  • 25-meal block: $238.75
  • 25-meal block + $50 flex dollars: $288.75
  • 10-meal block: $96.00
  • Door price: $9.75


  • New International Student Services Fee: $1,248 per academic year or $624 per semester (PVD Grad/ESL)
  • Per 3.0 semester credit course: $2,451 / $817 per credit hour
  • Per 3.0 semester credit course: $1,665 / $555 per credit hour
MS Addiction Counseling (PVD) and Clinical Mental Health Counseling (PVD)
  • Per 3.0 semester credit course: $2,253 / $751 per credit hour
Pre-MBA for International Students
  • Per term: $5,000
Undergraduate Prerequisites (On-ground only)
  • Per 3.0 semester credit course: $1,080

Tuition Policies

Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
  • Per 6 credit course: $5,784

Dissertation Advisement Fee: Candidates are registered and assessed fees for EDUC9011 for each semester ($1,848), including summer, until successful dissertation defense, at which time the next semester’s registration and charges will be removed.

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (PVD)


Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
  • Annual Fee: TBD

Tuition Policies


Providence Degree Programs
  • Per 1.0 credit course: $360 (per 3.0 credit course: $1,080)
  • Per 1.0 credit baking/culinary lab: $706 (per 2 credit lab: $1,412)

Tuition Policies


  • Per 1.0 semester credit course: $495 ($1,485 per 3.0 credit course)
Online Graduate
  • Per 1.0 credit: $817 ($2,451 per 3.0 semester credit course)
  • Doctoral Business Administration (DBA): $964 per credit / per 3.0 credits: $2,892
  • Doctor of Education (EdD): $964 per credit / per 6.0 credits: $5,784

Tuition Policies


Note that the program runs a full 24-month span, including summer semester. Tuition and university fees are adjusted annually.

Tuition Policies

Statement Regarding Tuition & Fees

Solely for avoidance of doubt, the tuition and fees students pay the university will not be discounted, irrespective of any changes in the manner or mode of learning or changes to any activities, events, or programs (including revision, postponement, or cancellation of same) at any time during the academic year; the manner or mode of learning could include on-ground learning, remote learning, or a combination of the two; it could include fewer classes or restructured classes; and it could include changes mid-semester (as just a few examples of possible changes). Please understand that the university, like other schools, is subject to multiple factors outside of its control, including effects stemming from the pandemic and applicable local, state, and federal law and guidance related to the pandemic, which factors could significantly alter, limit, or curtail our operations.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition is applicable to all students, including those on approved off-campus programs. Student health insurance, program fees, and room & board are nonrefundable, if applicable. Review the tuition refund policy.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

SHIP is an optional plan for students without health insurance coverage. Students who do not waive the program will be responsible for payment on their JWU student account. For opt-out waiver instructions or coverage information, refer to Health Services and learn more about SHIP.

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If you have questions or need further assistance, contact Student Financial Services.

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