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Jobs in the health care field are growing faster than any other sector, and are expected to grow an additional 30% through 2020 — almost twice as fast as the national economy.

The road to a career in the health and wellness industry has many paths, including primary care, preventive care, education, policy-making, cooking/nutrition, and much more. JWU’s College of Health & Wellness offers an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to preparing you for a health-related career.

Craft your own plan of study by combining your undergraduate core requirements with electives that will make you a strong candidate for entrance into medical, PA, dental, or veterinary graduate studies, or directly into any number of career fields in the health care industry.

Work together with a dedicated pre-health advisor to design a curriculum tailored to your career interests. This will allow you to pursue a major that excites you while completing the necessary requirements to continue your studies and become a physician, dentist, veterinarian, registered dietitian, certified counselor, physical therapist, or many others.

Health & Wellness Programs

Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree

Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
Exercise and Sports Science
Healthcare Administration
Health Science
Public Health

Master of Science (MS) in Physician Assistant Studies
Physician Assistant Studies

Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD)

Programs for Undecided Students*
Undeclared: University Explorations 

Public Health

Postbaccalaureate Pre-Medical & Pre-Health Professions

*Tracks into bachelor’s degree program