Ezenwayi Amaechi Ejiribe

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JWU Faculty Since 2017

Ezenwayi Amaechi

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Ezenwayi Amaechi Ejiribe, Ph.D., '07 MBA, is a Social Entrepreneur and Microbusiness expert. After her research findings revealed that small-scale women entrepreneurs in Enugu State, Nigeria, needed training to grow their businesses (based on her doctorate research that focused on economic barriers to women entrepreneurs), She made it her mission to alleviate poverty among women and youth in developing nations by founding Micro Enterprise Social Entrepreneurship (MESENow), a social enterprise organization with a vision to create an ecosystem of women and youth entrepreneurs in developing nations.

Ezenwayi uses her background and experiences as a researcher, social entrepreneur, and microbusiness expert to offer course materials in new and engaging ways. She also creates learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.


  • Ph.D., Management-Leadership & Organizational Change, Walden University
  • MBA, Marketing- Global Business Leadership, Johnson & Wales University
  • B.S., Computer Information Systems; Minor: Psychology, Bryant University

I am committed to helping students pursue their educational goals and achieve their desired results.

Scholarly Interests

- Social Entrepreneurship and Public Health
- Microbusinesses
- Women in Leadership
- Women and Youth Economic Development
- Leadership and Sustainability in Developing Nations.


  • HSC5020: Foundations of Public Health
  • HSC5420: Community Organizing
  • HSC6120: Improving Community Health
  • HSC6920: Public Health Capstone


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