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Paul Bagdan

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Paul Bagdan has been in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years. Now in his 22nd year at JWU, he primarily teaches undergraduate courses in guest service management and strategic management. He also teaches graduate courses in the MBA Program.

Bagdan is a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) and both a Certified Food Safety Trainer and Responsible Alcohol Service Trainer for the state of Rhode Island.

He recently published a second edition of a textbook titled, “Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry.” He has also written several book chapters and articles as well as given numerous presentations on the topics of guest service, tip elimination and technology.


  • Ph.D., Kansas State University
  • M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology
  • B.A., University of Amherst
  • A.O.S. & A.A.S., Schenectady County Community College

"I love the hospitality industry — it changes every day and there’s always something new.”

Teaching Interests

Hotel and Restaurant Management
Service Management in Hospitality


  • MGMT 1001, 2020, 2030: Business Management
  • HOSP3005: Guest Service Management
  • DEE3999: Directed Experiential Education
  • HOSP4060: Hospitality Strategy Design Executive Seminar
  • MBA Program courses

Extra Curricular Roles

Paul Bagdan is the Faculty Advisor and on the Board of Governors for the Eta Sigma Delta National Honor Society.


Professional Affiliations

International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators, Director of Membership

NENA Federation Director of Member Services & Development to the NENA (North East North American) Federation Board of International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators

Rhode Island Hospitality and Tourism Association, Educational Member



  • Bagdan, Paul, J. (2013) Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry (textbook) 298 pages. John Wiley & Sons Publishers.
  • Bagdan, Paul, J. (2019) Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry 2nd ed. (textbook) 392 pages. Kendall Hunt Publishing.
  • “Hospitality & Tourism Management Program 2’nd Edition” (2020) National Restaurant Association High School Training textbook. Served as Lead Author for 5 chapters and Lead Reviewer for 11 chapters.
  • Hyde, S. & Bagdan, P. Chapter 10: “Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency” Operations Management Applications for the Hospitality Industry. (2020) Emerald Publishing.

Honors And Awards

  • Johnson & Wales University Faculty of the Year, 2017
  • Chef Hoffis Alumni Award, 2007
  • Johnson & Wales University First Year Teacher Excellence Award, 2000
  • The Statler Foundation scholarship

Q&A with Paul

What Is Your Favorite Teaching Moment?

I have had so many favorite teaching moments, but I will list a few:
-the other day a student told me that he enjoyed my classes because I brought passion to the subjects.
-when the student graduation speaker thanked me specifically because I made him view situations from various perspectives.
-when a confused bird flew in the window and landed on the chalk tray. I was able to gently pick it up and help it back out the window without stopping my lecture. (I grew up on a farm)

What Advice Do You Have For Incoming Freshmen?

College is not easy on many levels because it was intended to help you grow. It can be fun and exciting but it is also hard work and has its difficult times. Expect them. Take the good with the bad. Have a strong support system and don't be too proud or afraid to use it.