Bernard Brennan

Assistant Professor

JWU Faculty Since 2019

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About Bernard

Bernard Brennan is an assistant professor of political science. His research focuses on new state creation, European politics and democratization. Brennan is a native of Chicago and a combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, having served two tours of duty in Iraq.


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois
  • M.A., Northeastern Illinois University
  • B.A., Northeastern Illinois University

The world of politics can be a bewildering mess of contrasting opinions and even contrasting 'facts'. In Political Science, we learn to apply the scientific method to make evidenced-based claims about important political questions.


  • PSCI1001: Introduction to Political Science
  • PSCI1030: Introduction to Political Theory
  • PSCI2050: Political Communications
  • PSCI2100: Comparative Politics and Government
  • PSCI2200: Race, Power, and Politics in America
  • PSCI3100: Research Methods in Political Science

Professional Affiliations

American Political Science Association
Midwest Political Science Association
Council for European Studies