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Michael Fein

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Michael Fein is a college educator, administrator and published historian with research interests in 19th- and 20th-century American political history, public policy, transportation and infrastructure.

As dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, he supports academic programming that combines theory with pragmatic, field-relevant experience.

As a professor of history, he has taught American history surveys (1607–1877; 1877–1945; 1945–present), American government and politics, cultural history of corporate America, multicultural history of America, and critical thinking.

While at Brandeis University, Fein held a Crown Fellowship and a Fellowship in Contemporary History, Public Policy, and American Politics from the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. Before joining the faculty at Johnson & Wales University, he taught at Babson College and Brandeis University, and served as a research Associate at Harvard Business School.


  • Ph.D., American History, Brandeis University
  • M.A., American History, Brandeis University
  • B.A., History/Minor in Political Science, Columbia University

As dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, I enjoy helping to design academic programs that combine theory with pragmatic, field-relevant experience. This integrated approach to education is a powerful tool that helps JWU students to accomplish their goals.


Professional Affiliations

Board Member, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, 2017–present



  • Realignment: Highways and Livability Policy in the Post-Interstate Era, 1977-2012,” Journal of Urban History, 2014 Author: Michael Fein
  • “Tunnel Vision: Invisible Highways and Boston’s ‘Big Dig’ in the Age of Privatization” Journal of Planning History, 2012 Author: Michael Fein
  • “Paving the Way: New York Road Building and the American State, 1880-1956,” University Press of Kansas, 2008 Author: Michael Fein
  • “Radio Regulation Revisited: Coase, the FCC, and the Public Interest,” Journal of Policy History, 2003 Authors: David Moss + Michael Fein