Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

JWU Faculty Since 2012

Associate Professor Jonathan Harris, MID, LEED-AP

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Jonathan Harris has worked his professional life to create walkable and bike-able cities. He is an expert on Complete Streets and their application, and is an advocate for pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure in Providence.

He has published papers on millennials and transportation trends, as well as active cities and their ability to combat obesity. He teaches the process, management and tools of design.


  • MID, Rhode Island School of Design
  • B.A., Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin at Madison

I do a lot of projects with local communities related to transportation design issues. I’ve designed bus shelters and what I call ‘urban amenities’ — anything that helps you be more comfortable in the urban environment


  • CAD 1000: Computer-Aided Drafting I
  • CAD 1025: Parametric Modeling
  • CAD 3015: Engineering Graphics & Design