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Elizabeth Mann, MSPAS, MPH, PA-C, graduated with dual master’s degrees from Touro University, California in 2008. She practiced as a PA in General Surgery, Urgent Care, and Primary Care before transitioning to Urologic Surgery for more than 10 years with the Brown Residency program in Providence, RI, and at Yale New Haven Health in New London, CT. She was guest lecturer for many years at Johnson & Wales University PA Program before joining the full-time faculty in 2023.
Prior to becoming a PA, Mann was a Merchant Marine Engineer, a Navy Surface Warfare Officer, an Industrial Engineer, and a Manufacturing Manager. She transitioned to a career in medicine by becoming a Nuclear Medicine Technologist prior to attending Touro University California where she obtained her MSPAS and MPH. Her main goal of transitioning into a medical career path was to provide education to patients and loved ones about their health, and what they can do to improve their quality of life. Throughout her years as a clinical PA, Mann has been told repeatedly by those she interacted with that she is a true teacher, breaking down complex concepts in ways to help each individual better understand how medical concepts impact them. Mann found that this was even more important to BIPOC seeking medical care. As a result, she has become passionate about providing high-quality care to those of all races, genders, ethnicities, and abilities. She realized that she could provide more impact and humanistic support to the healthcare system by teaching future PAs.

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At JWU, education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. You’re not going to spend four years with your nose buried in a book, learning theories you may never get a chance to apply — you’re going to get out there and apply them, be it through internships, group projects, leadership opportunities, competitions and more.

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