Ted McCall


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Ted McCall, Ed.D.

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As a member of the college leadership team, Ted McCall's role is to lead a dynamic group of educators whose purpose is to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience.
As a graduate of Northeastern University ('14 Ed.D.), and Johnson & Wales University ('04 M.A.T., '00 B.A.), McCall understands the enormous responsibility education and the educational institution plays in the lives of students and graduates.

As an employee of JWU for nearly 16 years, he finds it personally and professionally rewarding to work with the caliber of faculty the institution employs as well as JWU students, who are the next generation of leaders in the culinary industry.
McCall brings more than 15 years of experience working in the culinary field, as well as eight years service to our country as a US Marine.


  • Ed.D., Northeastern University
  • M.A., Johnson & Wales University

My daily goal is to help my students discover as much passion for the food service industry as I myself have for it.


Extra Curricular Roles

Department Chair Culinary Nutrition, Culinary Science & Product Development and Culinary Academics