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Mark Peres is a professor in the College of Arts & Sciences teaching courses on ethics and leadership. His courses include Global Ethics, The Good Life and How to Change the World.

He is founder and executive director of The Charlotte Center for the Humanities & Civic Imagination ( The mission of The Charlotte Center is to help people and communities flourish.

Between 2017-2019, Professor Peres hosted a podcast called 'On Life and Meaning' ( He spoke with artists, innovators, and civic leaders about their work, lives, and higher purposes. His most recent published work is 'On Life and Meaning: 100 Essays Inspired by 100 Guests,' a book profiling the guests of the podcast.

Between 2003-2012, Peres led Charlotte Viewpoint, a non-profit magazine about civic life and culture ( Charlotte Viewpoint published commentary, interviews, poetry, stories, photography, video, and visual art.

His community work focuses on nurturing creative capital, elevating civic discourse, and promoting intellectual and artistic excellence in the Charlotte region.

Professor Peres had previous careers in investment planning, business, and law.


  • J.D., The Florida State University College of Law
  • A.B., History, Rollins College

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Joseph Campbell


  • PHIL3240 Ethics: A Global Perspective
  • PHIL3045 Honors Seminar: Ethics
  • ILS2330 The Good Life
  • ILS4133 How to Change the World

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International Leadership Association


Honors And Awards

  • JWU Community Prominence Award
  • JWU Light Bulb Award
  • JWU Special Merit Award
  • JWU Teacher of the Year

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At JWU, education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. You’re not going to spend four years with your nose buried in a book, learning theories you may never get a chance to apply — you’re going to get out there and apply them, be it through internships, group projects, leadership opportunities, competitions and more.

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