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Christine Stamm teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate sociology and integrated learning courses (ILS) for the College of arts & Sciences at Johnson & Wales University. Stamm strives to build student competency in her courses by utilizing expertise in curriculum and teaching while incorporating her own experiences as a lifelong learner. She regularly builds into her courses leadership experiences from industry, higher education and the nonprofit sectors. Her love for travel and interacting with people from around the world provides current and relevant cultural experiences that she regularly incorporates into her courses. Creating an active learning environment is a hallmark of her work.

Stamm has been involved in various major university projects outside of the classroom as well. In 2002-2003, she led the initiative that created two undergraduate teacher education degree programs at the Colorado campus that prepared students to teach in consumer and family sciences and business/marketing at the secondary level. This project involved developing curriculum, achieving state approval for licensure, populating the programs, hiring and training faculty, coordinating student teaching experiences with local high schools and serving as department chairperson for the programs. In 2007-2009, upon return to the Providence campus, she led the initiative to update the university's faculty evaluation process, creating collaboration between faculty and administrators from four different campuses that resulted in a new, multifaceted process that met the needs of all parties. In 2017, she created an integrated-learning Study Abroad program which she still teaches in today, leading students as they studied in Florence, Italy, learning about the culture of Renaissance Italy while actively exploring the works of the famous polymath Leonardo DaVinci. In 2021, she collaborated with faculty in the College of Food, Innovation & Technology (CFIT) to develop the Food Sustainability minor which provides students with knowledge and skills to engage in local food systems which impacts what they do in professional kitchens and beyond, in their local community. Most recently, in 2021-2023, she led a faculty committee that worked collaboratively with administrators to develop the First Year Seminar Program, teaching two sections of the course in its inaugural year.

Outside of the classroom, she serves on several committees including the University Faculty Council and College Outcomes. Throughout the years, she has been elected by peers to represent them on various committees including the University Committee for Academic Rank, Academic Leadership Team, University Curriculum Committee, Faculty In-Service, DACUM, and the A&S Student Academic Symposium. She has been selected by peers and students as Teacher of the Year in three different colleges, most recently for the College of Arts & Sciences. Outside of Johnson & Wales University, Stamm serves as a consultant, author and lecturer. Christine is actively involved in the Association for the Study of Food and Society and the International Leadership Association.


  • Ed.D., Boston University

As a professor of social sciences, my love for understanding people, culture and society stems from a wide range of experiences, including travel

Scholarly Interests

Understanding what influences changes in food/taste preferences over time. This is especially salient in our increasingly diverse society as we strive to provide fresh, local and sustainable foods for a physically and culturally hungry population.
Analyzing and comprehending human and cultural dynamics among leaders and followers in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations
Improving pedagogical content knowledge; employment of varied teaching methodologies; teaching expertise and improvement of student self-efficacy in classroom assessment


  • ILS4340: Global Food Security
  • SOC3020: Culture & Food
  • SOC2040: Community Leadership
  • ILS2370: Obesity
  • LEAD1010: Foundations of Leadership Studies

Professional Affiliations

Association of the Study of Food and Society
International Leadership Association
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
American Culinary Federation (ACF)