Lynn Tripp

Associate Professor

JWU Faculty Since 2000

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About Lynn

Lynn Tripp teaches food science in the Culinary Science program at JWU’s College of Culinary Arts.
To stay relevant in industry, Tripp serves on the education committee for the international chapter of the Research Chefs Association (RCA). She is also on the board of the New England chapter of Research Chefs.
Tripp takes a group of students to their annual conference, which is held throughout the country where they compete in a culinary competition. They've won first place five times and second place four times. The RCA is an organization that blends culinary arts and food science, which is extremely relevant today as we’re moving into chefs in the food industry.


  • M.S., Food Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • B.S., Bridgewater State University

Helping students better understand how science applies to food will, ultimately, make them better chefs. It will also encourage them to think analytically, as well as creatively, outside the box


  • CULS2010 Intro. to Food Product Development
  • CULS3015 Food Ingredient Technology