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Brian Warrener

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About Brian

Professor Warrener began teaching adjunct at JWU in 1995. Since 2002 he has been a full-time faculty member in the College of Hospitality Management. While his teaching focuses on food and beverage operations and beverage operations and management, he has had the good fortune to teach classes in the Center for Food and Beverage Management; the Center for Sports, Entertainment and Event Management; The International Hotel School; the Center for Travel and Tourism, the College of Business the College of Online and the Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School. Professor Warrener has twice taught at Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Tourismo in Estoril, Portugal.


  • University of Rhode Island Master of Business Administration 1992
  • Harvard University Bachelor of Arts in History 1990

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Teaching Interests

Brian Warrener has traditionally focused my teaching on food & beverage operations and management and service management and delivery theory and practice. Recently he has had the opportunity to expand his teaching to focus more on general business functions including marketing, management and strategy -- especially as these topics relate to hospitality.

Scholarly Interests

Professor Warrener has written, presented and researched extensively on the following topics:
  • Food & beverage operations and controls
  • Service management and delivery
  • Best-practice interviewing and hiring
  • Food & beverage trends
  • The tipped wage and tipping elimination


  • Food Service and Hospitality Strategic Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Strategies and Logistics
  • Advanced Food and Beverage Operations and Planning

Professional Affiliations

  • National Advisory Board -- Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show
  • Advisory Board -- New England Tequila and Rum Festival
  • Member -- United States Bartenders Guild
CERTIFICATION: Certified Hospitality Educator


  • Slammed Magazine Author -- 2 Articles
  • Bar Business Magazine Contributing Author -- 6 Articles
  • Nightclub & Bar Contributing Author -- 40 Articles
  • Providence Journal and Pittsburgh Post Gazette Author -- "To Tip r Not to Tip" Editorial
  • CHRIE Conference Co-Author 2016, 2017, 2018 -- "The Development of Tip Elimination..."

Q&A with Brian

At JWU, education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. You’re not going to spend four years with your nose buried in a book, learning theories you may never get a chance to apply — you’re going to get out there and apply them, be it through internships, group projects, leadership opportunities, competitions and more.

How Did You Get Started?

Professor Warrener served his first banquet in April of 1985 and worked his way through college and graduate school as a server, bouncer, bar back, bartender and beverage manager. He had the opportunity to take an Assistant General Manager Position while in graduate school and a General Manager position just a year later. He is fond of saying that the only thing he likes better than delivering great service is delivering great education.

What Is Your Favorite Teaching Moment?

"I had a student who lost his passion for working in the industry. He had been in the kitchen for all of his adult life and couldn't motivate himself to continue. He was lost. I was able to introduce him to one of the many segments of the food & beverage industry that didn't include working in a kitchen but for which he had been training all of his life! After a successful and meteoric career as a craft bartender, this young man became a brand ambassador for an international whisky producer.